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Name: Açaí, like the berry 
Appearance: Perfect in form 
Character: Full to the brim with energy 
Distinguishing features: No taurine, no artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives 
Favourite colour: Black as night and red as fire 
Favourite country: Brazil, the home of the açaí 
Favourite activities: Being part of the action, day or night 
Strengths: Powerful açaí – seven times the energy of milk 
Hobbies: Living intensely 
Motto: More Life. More Style. More Energy.

To know more about 28 Black, please visit www.28black.com


28 BLACK is a natural energy drink with the distinctive, fruity taste of açaí berries which contains no taurine, no artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. 
28 BLACK is aimed at men and women who are living life to the full and appreciate the special things in life. They are modern and open, interested in lifestyle and design, professionally successful and enjoy leisure activities - whether sports, cultural events, dinner with friends or parties.

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