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28 BLACK - The better energy drink. 

28 BLACK is the right companion round the clock: for all those who need energy, for everything that needs to be done. 28 BLACK is a natural energy with the distinctive, fruity taste of açaí berries which contains no taurine, no artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. 


KRYSTAL Nature's Alkaline Water (PET 380mL)

KRYSTAL® has a unique natural pH value of 8 to 8.8 due to its sodium bicarbonate and alkaline mineral content, which can supplement deficiencies owing to an imbalanced diet. Also, researches have shown that sodium bicarbonate and other trace elements can help neutralize the acidity of the human body, improving one's body both inside and out.

FineWaters Book

Water is not just water. Fine waters are gifts from nature, embodying the unique characteristics of their sources. Quality water enhances one’s health and inspires his or her life. Fine Waters is both a comprehensive guide to fine waters and a trend-setting book. It aims to provide to readers from the industry and health-conscious individuals a detailed introduction of fine waters across the globe, as well as a multidimensional anatomy of the epicurean concept underlying fine water culture.

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